Tacoma Loft Lifestyle Session – Kim + James

Light and love. Two things I need for a successful shoot, Kim + James gave me part of the equation and the other half was delivered by their gorgeous loft space perched a few stories above Pacific Ave in Downtown […]

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Foss Waterway Seaport Wedding Tacoma – Kali + Shawn

Love for Tacoma is something that binds those who call themselves Tacomans. This city is special and you kind of have to want to live there. Kali + Shawn have been a part of this town for quite some time […]

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Seattle Country Club Wedding – Tatjana + Brady

uw arboretum wedding photos broadmoor golf & country club

Tatjana and Brady have opposing personalities but in the complimentary way, he’s a little more outgoing and extroverted and shes a bit more reserved and introverted. However the two of them combined are quite the pair when it comes to […]

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Tacoma Garages Portrait Session – Kelsey

There’s no shortage of talent in Tacoma. We have some incredible creators and some incredible models as well. Kelsey is a mutual friend and we teamed up to not only work on a paid gig I had for a commercial […]

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