Film of the Month – Tacoma Film Photographer

My first entry into photography was with film. More specifically black and white film. My father was a hobbyist and he would carry his camera with him at work and also go venture out and about on the weekends and […]

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Susie – Tacoma Portrait Photographer

  I FINALLY got the chance to do a shoot with Susie. She had got ahold of me months ago wanting to do a shoot and we could never make the timing work. I saw a hole in my schedule […]

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Grantier/Steinmacher Wedding – Seattle Wedding Photographer

Heather and Lance were married on December 2014 (12/13/14!) in Pioneer Square located in Downtown Seattle, WA. The reception was held at The 418 Pub in Ballard, WA.      

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Lo There Do I See My Brother – Tacoma Music Photographer

Did a quick shoot with my buds in Lo There Do I See My Brother (LTDISMB) on Saturday. They have a new album coming out soon and some tour dates as well in the next few months. I’ve been friends with […]

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