Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been shooting?

A: My introduction to photography began in my mid-teens and there have been waves and flurries of learning ever since. I started my photographic journey on film, which was what was the norm at the time, digital came around roughly 5 years later. First film camera: Nikon FA. First Digital Camera: Nikon D70


Q: Do you offer packages?

A: Of course! I have multiple wedding packages available but I am also willing to make custom packages for my clients. My ultimate goal is to suit your needs. All full wedding packages include at least 6hrs of shooting time (4hrs for elopements/intimate weddings) by Yours Truly and files on USB as well as online print ordering.


Q: What about engagements? Are those included in a package?

A: Engagement sessions are available either a la carte or as a packaged option. I love shooting engagements for two reasons; they are a great opportunity to get to know my clients and get them comfortable in front of the camera and also it’s a great way to go out and have some fun in a beautiful location!


Q: Do you shoot elopements or intimate weddings?

A: YESSSSSS! These are some of my favorite weddings to shoot. They allow a level of connection and creativity that doesn’t always sync with a full blown wedding. I prefer to offer this service only on weekdays as that allows me to be able to shoot other weddings on the weekend. Your ceremony site may or may not work very well photographically speaking, due to this I prefer to work with you on location details so we can make the best of your ceremony and the scenic location you’ve chosen.


Q: Are you willing to travel?

A: Most definitely, as long as my travel and lodging are covered I’m more than happy to make a trip for you.


Q: Do you shoot proposals or vow renewals?

A: Absolutely, as with elopements I would like to discuss location details in depth to make sure things work out as best as possible visually.


Q: How many images should I expect from my wedding?

A: I aim to deliver around 50 images for every hour of shooting. If I’m shooting for 6hrs you should expect to receive around 300 images or more. That being said I also believe in quality over quantity.


Q: How many images should I expect from a portrait or engagement session?

A: For these sessions I believe less is more, I aim to deliver my 30 best shots to you as these types of shoots can produce a lot of redundant photos in the hunt for the “moment”.


Q: Am I able to print my photos?

A: Absolutely! I try to make this as easy as possible by providing a online print ordering site with all shoots. This enables you to print from a professional quality lab and have the prints mailed directly to your doorstep, anyone with the link is able to order. In addition to my online ordering I also provide wedding clients with a USB of hi-res files for printing. Portrait/Engagement clients will have files delivered online and can download and print as they please.


Q: Do you offer albums?

A: You bet! I offer hardbound albums that are wrapped in linen (leather is also available but I’m a herbivore so I default to linen). These albums feature ultra-thick pages coated with a lustre coating to protect them from UV light and fingerprints. They are ultra fancy looking, I’ll bring a sample for you to check out at our consultation session!


Q: Do you edit all of the images taken at a session/wedding?

A: For a typical wedding I may shoot in excess of 2000 photos, which I think most can objectively agree is far too many photos to deal with. I cull the best images from what I shoot and hand edit everything after that to correct exposure, contrast, cropping, alignment, color correction, etc.


Q: Can I have the RAW files?

A: I provide print licensed and fully edited JPEG files to my clients. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant and ask the chef to bring you an uncooked steak and the same goes for RAW files, they are unprocessed and cannot be be viewed unless you have editing software. Trust your photographer to deliver you the best of the best.


Q: Do you do image retouching?

A: I have a very natural style and prefer not to do retouching on my photos unless absolutely necessary. This means that I will certainly clone out noticeable blemishes and distracting elements as I see fit but do not do skin smoothing or any heavy retouching, even at client’s request.


Q: I have a shot list I found on Pinterest, will you shoot all of these things for me?

A: Hate to say it but Pinterest may be great for inspiration but every wedding is different and we should all be striving to make our own wedding unique to ourselves. I shoot the wedding day as it unfolds and don’t like to stage moments for the sake of a shot list. Rest assured that I have my own shot list that I follow to guarantee I get the shots needed to give justice to the wonderful day you planned.


Q: How do you deliver images?

A: All shoots get a online print ordering gallery. Wedding clients will receive a USB of hi-res files stored in a lovely wooden keepsake box for attractive and safe storage. I offer beautiful handmade photo albums and other print products as well.


Q: Do you provide a second photographer?

A: Generally speaking I’m a lone wolf, however I do offer a second photographer as an a la carte option for my weddings.


Q: Can we see a full wedding?

A: Heck yeah! Send me an email and I will send you some gallery links to review.


Q: What equipment do you shoot with?

A: Here’s what is currently in my pack:

Nikon D750 full frame DSLR

Nikon D610 full frame DSLR

Contax G1 (film rangefinder) with 28/2.8 lens

Nikon 35/1.4

Nikon 50/1.8

Nikon 85/1.4

Nikon 50/1.8 Free Lens

Nikon SB-800 speedlight

Nikon SB-28 speedlight

Pocket Wizard Plus II x3

Holdfast Money Maker dual camera strap


Q: How do we book you?

A: Just shoot an email to to get things rolling!


Q: What are your deposit terms?

A: I require 50% upfront to reserve your date and cover my time leading up to the shoot

Taylor Jones Photo

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Taylor Jones Photo

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