Allyn Beachside Wedding – Nalina + Peter

Every now an again I shoot a wedding that is difficult to edit, not because of the content, but rather because the event produced so many quality images it makes it hard to choose favorite images. When you’re planning your wedding it’s hard to imagine the outcome sometimes, so what’s best in my opinion is to create an environment for good energy and vibe, pray for weather and then ensure that those who you love are there and everything should fall into place.

Another crucial factor in being able to create a lot of great images is the benefit of time. I cannot understate how critical it is to hire your photographer for the full length of your day and to stretch the day to allow for gaps of freedom and peace throughout the hectic affairs of the day. I could go on and on about all of things Nalina and Peter did right with their special day, so I’ll keep it limited to the details featured in the photos I’ve selected to share.

The fine details were well thought out in advance and Nalina is a great delegator. The wedding website was designed by Peter and he also designed all of the invitations and matchbooks. The venue is Peter’s parents property with excellent beachfront access on Case Inlet in Allyn, WA. An excellent site for hosting guests, Nalina and Peter would frequent the property with workers in tow to scour the beach for attractive driftwood and rocks, cleaning the ones that are to be displayed. Beach combing was ultimately necessary as the ceremony was to be held on the beach, with our intrepid groom Peter making his entrance via boat.

The family style dinner was very social and jovial. Guests recounting their last encounters over drinks, kids running around until being wrangled in for their dinner. Dinner made way to very moving toasts by those closest to Nalina and Peter. The stones which adorned the tables were taken by the guests out to the shore and tossed into Case Inlet with a wish of good fortune for the Bride and Groom.

Flowers: Bleed Foot Florals

Dress: The Dress Theory

Planner: Rachel Elder @ The Manette Gracie

Hair/Makeup: Dawn Dominick @ Urbanista Weddings

Catering: Crescent Moon Catering

Videography: William King @ Film Notch

The newlyweds honeymooned in Bali, Indonesia

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