West Seattle Portrait Session (Film) – Holly Kerchner

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These film scans are from a portrait session I shot in West Seattle of Seattle based film photographer Holly Kerchner. These images are all shot on film, the original post referenced above contained my digital shots from this session.  I encourage you to take a look at both posts to see the differences yourself!

I shot a mixture of medium format and 35mm film (Pentax 67 and Nikon F100 respectively). All shots are on Portra 160/400. Developed and scanned by The Find Lab.

One of the things I truly love about shooting film is that it’s unique right out of the box. Shooting film is always a bit of a crap shoot unless you’re very well versed in it’s nuances and quirks. For me I really enjoy the softness of film as opposed to crispness of digital. Light interacts much differently when it hits silver than it does when it’s converted into pixels. There’s a smoothness in tone and a different sort of depth that’s somewhat hard to describe.

I’ve been practicing photography for nearly half of my life. I started snapping when I was in my mid-teens and film was the only option then really. Digital cameras didn’t hit the market until the early 2000’s. And they were expensive which made them inaccessible to a kid like me. I was fortunate enough to have a darkroom to play with and a steady supply of black and white film that my Dad bulk-loaded to supply his film habits as well.












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