Honeymoon in Disneyland

Our wedding was held on June 30th of 2018. In the fall of 2017 Alicia and her sister both won a raffle held by her sister’s ballet company. The prize was four Disneyland tickets. The deal was made and the tickets divvied up among sisters and our honeymoon plans were sealed.

We wanted to wait a few months after our wedding to do our honeymoon, mostly so we could come off the high we’d been riding for the past year. With so much of our wedding being a DIY affair there was seemingly so calm had in the home for months on end with one project ending and another starting. Alicia is very much of the productive spirit and when she does something it has to be done to the T. Mentally we were both drained and wanted to recoup before traveling.

We went into the vacation planning with a open attitude and not wanting to make it more complicated than need be. We chose to stay within walking distance to the park, and to stay carless and rely on ridesharing. I was confident we would find something to do with our free days and the evenings when we weren’t at the parks.

With only about 10 days to our departure I got the wild inspiration to shoot some Super 8 footage of the trip…only problem being that I had no gear to do this. I scoured ebay and found a early 1970’s Canon 518 camera being sold as-is for only $25 and I decided to risk it and bought it sight unseen. I picked up some film at Glazer’s in Seattle and waited for the box to arrive from ebay. Upon arrival I had to do some hunting for the proper batteries for the metering system of the 518, in the end some gaffer tape wrapped batteries filled up the space that the proper battery would naturally fit but we were up and running at 18fps.

The only other camera equipment I brought on the trip was a Canon AE-1 program and 24mm lens. I brought a few rolls of film but traveled light so as to not distract myself. Pro Tip: Many people fear xrays on their film, this is really only relevant on film rated @ 800iso and above. Anything below that should be safe. No instant/polaroid films should ever go through xray!

We were in the park a total of two days and got to see the sights and ride the rides we wanted to catch. Neither of us had been to the park in over 15 years and quite a few things had changed.

Outside of the park we enjoyed sipping cocktails at Hammer in the Anaheim Packing District and had some tasty food at Healthy Junk. We also traveled to Long Beach on a off day and went to the aquarium ,walked around, scooted around and just enjoyed the day. Another outing was also made to Huntington Beach, we sat in the sand and watched the surfers, walked the pier and made fun of the tackey shirts in a local souvenir shop.

As a vegan in the parks I wasn’t disappointed. By and large we tried to bring in a lunch and eat few meals in the parks to save money. We did buy snacks though and we both ate our fair share of Mickey pretzels and Dole whip. I enjoyed some cauliflower tacos from Rancho Del Zocalo in Disneyland and they were excellent! Happy to report that the michealadas in California Adventure are also excellent.

Watch the video of our trip and enjoy the film snap shots!

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