Seattle Great Wheel Portrait – Jenette

Jenette and I met a few years back when I did some photos for Moorea Seal, the local women’s boutique she works for. Without knowing it initially we discovered that we float within some of the same circles, namely the hardcore punk scene. It’s nice to have a common ground with your subjects, it certainly helps with conversation and keeping the shoot moving forward and keeping the mood light. For this shoot we met up in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle and slowly worked our way down to the Seattle waterfront where we concentrated our efforts around the Seattle Great Wheel and the piers surrounding it.

I must admit that my photography style hinges on being in the moment and impromptu. I don’t do a whole lot of preparation prior to these sessions unless I’m going for something really specific. I tell my models to come as they are and wear whatever makes them feel good in their own skin. I want to work with my surroundings and the light to make the shoot unique to itself.

This was my first shoot using the Nikon 58mm/1.4G lens, and if you aren’t familiar with that lens it’s worth checking out. It’s amazing for portraiture, it’s an odd focal length to be sure but it’s easy enough to get used to. The bokeh (the out of focus elements within a photo) is incredibly smooth and soft, the lens handles flaring and backlight like a champ too.

Oddly enough I’ve never actually been on the Seattle Great Wheel. Add that guy to the bucket list I guess!



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