Dog Portrait in Tacoma, Matt + Gus

My buddy Matt Worthey and his Chocolate Lab Gus came by during a studio day I was hosting in Downtown Tacoma to snap a few photos. I love these studio days because I get to shoot a variety of people throughout the day and the objective of the photo may differ completely.

Dog portraits can be a challenge just as with humans, as all dogs have different personalities. These studio sessions are brief, usually about 20 minutes. So to wrassle a dog into the building and up the stairs, meet a new person and then be expected to be obedient and sit still for a photo presents a challenge not only for the canine but also for master and photographer.

Luckily enough thought Gus is pretty mellow and lazy so he was a breeze to work with, Matt was pretty easy to work with as well; responded well to instruction, and was overall a good boy as well.

Matt has worked as a graphic designer for many years and cut his teeth doing flyers and merch for punk bands. He later worked with Sports Illustrated and now he works for the San Diego Padres. Check out his work at (@wortheydesign on Instagram) and see his collaboration with Tacoma Designer/Illustrator Stein Hansen at

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