Tacoma Natural Light Headshots – Janet

Janet came to me looking for a new headshot for a new project she was taking on. She enjoyed my natural light portrait work and sought me out, and I’m very glad she did. We came away with some beautiful shots that really showcase her beauty as well as a bit of personality as well. We shot in a studio space in Downtown Tacoma that has lovely natural light.

Since these are professional use we wanted to avoid things being too candid. There’s a fair mix of posed and unposed shots, my style generally leans more towards an unposed casual/candid style. I also shot a few frames on black and white film using my 35mm Contax G1 rangefinder (possibly my favorite little camera!).

The studio has a mix of painted walls, seamless backdrops and exposed brick. We opted to utilize the painted walls because they were very neutral and nearest to the large bay of windows. We also pulled out a large V-Flat and made a little set that featured some white seamless as well as some brick. We kept things neat and clean so that the focus was on her and free of visual distraction, which is how I like it since that is how your own personality sings against and otherwise bland backdrop.

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