Motorcycle Portrait. Alex + Anthony

Motorcycle style engagement photos or wedding portraits always sounded like a fun idea to me. And while these two are already married (I shot their engagement session a few years ago and also made a cool little video for them too). They still serve as a good example of what this type of shot could be, so I’m grateful they worked with me and trusted me even without helmets. Rest assured we were being as safe and sane as you can be under the circumstances.

I had my wife drive my Outback while I laid in the back shooting out the open hatch with a 800cc engine roaring and the front tire just a hands reach away at times. Hard to give direction besides “SMILE AND LOOK HAPPY” or “HOLD TIGHT AND LOOK LIKE YOU LOVE HIM” with such roadblocks to communication.

Pretty fun shoot and I think anyone would be pretty stoked to look this cool in a photo 🙂

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