Tacoma Lifestyle Session – Amelia Wrede Davis (Potter)

There’s a great amount of talented people in Tacoma. I don’t think that is much of a surprise to anyone, especially if you live in Tacoma. We have a burgeoning arts scene that is brimming with local artisans crafting wares for sale at various markets popping up in the region.

Anywho, back to Amelia.

I stumbled on Amelia’s pottery via Instagram when she was formerly going under the alias of “Two Hands Full”. She has since changed her branding and is utilizing her proper name to represent herself and her handmade ceramic wares. I have a soft spot for aesthetic. When people nail a look or maybe they even embody a look, it says to me “I give a damn” and that’s an admirable quality when people apply this attitude to their craft.

We chatted and sorted out a day for me to come by and just photograph her studio and her work. She has a great workspace and two great pups who were our shadows for the duration of my visit. I enjoyed shooting Amelia’s pots in her home because I really enjoy a a contextual intent with things of this nature. She also had a really great sliding glass door that brought in a butt load of beautiful window light so that made it pretty great too!

IF you’d like to see more of Amelia’s work and maybe even buy yourself something nice head over to her website at

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